Sun 17 May 2020 18:31

Good day to you all

This week has seen further developments in the way the Covid lockdown is gradually being eased. In many ways our family, work and business lives are starting to evolve whilst still managing the risk of Covid.

At the moment however, team sports are rightly further down the agenda and so we are still waiting for government and RFU guidance on how community rugby will start to emerge. Then we can plan accordingly.

I suspect the professional game will be the first to come forward with a specific road map to recovery given the economic implications associated at that level. However, at the community level, with differing driving forces and effectively being in the “off season” now anyway, then we must be patient. When we have more information from the RFU, we will return to you with an update.

In the meantime, please keep managing the Covid risks within your “social bubbles” in line with official recommendations and keep saying thanks to those that work hard for us all on Thursdays.

Keep yourselves happy and healthy.

Best wishes

Harry Langley

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